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OK White Schedules

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(A) Cedar Springs Red Hawks (0-0)(1-1)
PF 72    PA 64    Enrollment 946    Playoff Points 44.000
HZeeland WestAugust 24thL12-50
HBattle Creek LakeviewAugust 31stW60-14
HGreenvilleSeptember 8th-
ANorthviewSeptember 15th-
AGrand Rapids ChristianSeptember 22nd-
HLowellSeptember 29th-
AForest Hills NorthernOctober 6th-
HForest Hills CentralOctober 13th-
AGrand Rapids Ottawa HillsOctober 20th-
(A) Forest Hills Central Rangers (0-0)(2-0)
PF 71    PA 27    Enrollment 1258    Playoff Points 88.000
HJenisonAugust 24thW41-0
AHolland West OttawaAugust 31stW30-27
HGrand Rapids Ottawa HillsSeptember 8th-
AGreenvilleSeptember 15th-
HNorthviewSeptember 22nd-
AForest Hills NorthernSeptember 29th-
HLowellOctober 6th-
ACedar SpringsOctober 13th-
AWayland UnionOctober 20th-
(A) Forest Hills Northern Huskies (0-0)(0-2)
PF 34    PA 59    Enrollment 1108    Playoff Points 1.000
HByron CenterAugust 24thL14-21
AEast Grand RapidsAugust 31stL20-38
HNorthviewSeptember 8th-
HEast KentwoodSeptember 15th-
AGrand Rapids Ottawa HillsSeptember 22nd-
HForest Hills CentralSeptember 29th-
HCedar SpringsOctober 6th-
ALowellOctober 13th-
AGreenvilleOctober 20th-
(A) Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills Bengals (0-0)(0-2)
PF 6    PA 95    Enrollment 1020    Playoff Points 0.500
AKenowa HillsAugust 24thL0-37
HHollandAugust 31stL6-58
AForest Hills CentralSeptember 8th-
HLowellSeptember 15th-
HForest Hills NorthernSeptember 22nd-
AGreenvilleSeptember 29th-
AGrandvilleOctober 6th-
ANorthviewOctober 13th-
HCedar SpringsOctober 20th-
(A) Greenville Yellow Jackets (0-0)(2-0)
PF 76    PA 7    Enrollment 1158    Playoff Points 84.000
HNorth FarmingtonAugust 26thW47-7
HKenowa HillsSeptember 1stW29-0
ACedar SpringsSeptember 8th-
HForest Hills CentralSeptember 15th-
ALowellSeptember 22nd-
HGrand Rapids Ottawa HillsSeptember 29th-
ANorthviewOctober 6th-
AWyomingOctober 13th-
HForest Hills NorthernOctober 20th-
(A) Northview Wildcats (0-0)(0-2)
PF 35    PA 75    Enrollment 1118    Playoff Points 0.500
HComstock ParkAugust 24thL21-51
AJenisonAugust 31stL14-24
AForest Hills NorthernSeptember 8th-
HCedar SpringsSeptember 15th-
AForest Hills CentralSeptember 22nd-
AHudsonvilleSeptember 29th-
HGreenvilleOctober 6th-
HGrand Rapids Ottawa HillsOctober 13th-
ALowellOctober 20th-