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Forest Hills Central0-02-0
Cedar Springs0-01-1
Forest Hills Northern0-00-2
Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills0-00-2

OK White Scores

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This Week
Week 3
Cedar Springs (1-1)-Greenville (2-0)-
Forest Hills Central (2-0)-Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills (0-2)-
Forest Hills Northern (0-2)-Northview (0-2)-
Other Weeks
Week 1
Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills (0-2)0Kenowa Hills (0-0)37
Forest Hills Central (2-0)41Jenison (0-0)0
Greenville (2-0)47North Farmington ()7
Northview (0-2)21Comstock Park (0-0)51
Forest Hills Northern (0-2)14Byron Center (0-0)21
Cedar Springs (1-1)12Zeeland West (0-0)50
Week 2
Forest Hills Northern (0-2)20East Grand Rapids (2-0)38
Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills (0-2)6Holland (0-0)58
Forest Hills Central (2-0)30Holland West Ottawa (0-0)27
Greenville (2-0)29Kenowa Hills (0-0)0
Northview (0-2)14Jenison (0-0)24
Cedar Springs (1-1)60Battle Creek Lakeview (6-3)14
Week 4
Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills (0-2)-Lowell (2-0)-
Northview (0-2)-Cedar Springs (1-1)-
Forest Hills Northern (0-2)-East Kentwood (0-0)-
Greenville (2-0)-Forest Hills Central (2-0)-
Week 5
Northview (0-2)-Forest Hills Central (2-0)-
Cedar Springs (1-1)-Grand Rapids Christian (0-0)-
Forest Hills Northern (0-2)-Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills (0-2)-
Greenville (2-0)-Lowell (2-0)-
Week 6
Northview (0-2)-Hudsonville (0-0)-
Cedar Springs (1-1)-Lowell (2-0)-
Greenville (2-0)-Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills (0-2)-
Forest Hills Northern (0-2)-Forest Hills Central (2-0)-
Week 7
Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills (0-2)-Grandville (0-0)-
Northview (0-2)-Greenville (2-0)-
Forest Hills Central (2-0)-Lowell (2-0)-
Forest Hills Northern (0-2)-Cedar Springs (1-1)-
Week 8
Greenville (2-0)-Wyoming (0-0)-
Forest Hills Northern (0-2)-Lowell (2-0)-
Cedar Springs (1-1)-Forest Hills Central (2-0)-
Northview (0-2)-Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills (0-2)-
Week 9
Forest Hills Northern (0-2)-Greenville (2-0)-
Forest Hills Central (2-0)-Wayland Union (0-0)-
Cedar Springs (1-1)-Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills (0-2)-
Northview (0-2)-Lowell (2-0)-