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Past Seasons

During the early autumn of 1900...

Lowell Red Arrows Past Seasons

During the early autumn of 1900 Lowell High School prepared to field its first football team. Records indicate they played a nine game schedule, winning seven and losing two. The first interscholastic game was played at Belding Saturday afternoon, October 6, and Lowell lost the contest by a score of 17-0. The following Saturday Lowell hosted Greenville at Train's Field for their first home game and first victory, defeating their neighbors to the north, 11-0. The tradition had begun.

Games played by high school boys were sometimes difficult to determine. At the turn of the century it was common for communities to produce independent teams in addition to the high school team. This was the case locally where games where scheduled against the Lowell Reds in 1904 and the Lowell Independents in 1905 and 1915. -- Fred Lenger

Information in this section comes from the book, Lowell High School Football, compiled by Fred Lenger.

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Juston MillerAOttawa-Kent White1-51-8
Noel DeanAOttawa-Kent White4-26-4
Noel DeanAOttawa-Kent White6-012-1
Noel DeanAOttawa-Kent White5-012-2
Noel DeanAOttawa-Kent White4-110-2
Noel DeanAOttawa-Kent White 5-010-1
Noel DeanAOttawa-Kent White 4-18-3
Noel DeanAOttawa-Kent White4-112-2
Noel DeanAOttawa-Kent White3-211-3
Noel DeanAOttawa-Kent White4-113-1
Noel DeanAOttawa-Kent White5-011-1
Noel DeanAOttawa-Kent White5-110-3
Noel DeanAOttawa-Kent White6-010-1
Noel DeanAOttawa-Kent White5-19-2
Noel DeanAOttawa-Kent White7-014-0
Noel DeanAOttawa-Kent White6-110-2
Noel DeanAOttawa-Kent White5-113-1
Noel DeanAOttawa-Kent White5-19-2
Noel DeanAOttawa-Kent White7-011-1
Noel DeanAOttawa-Kent White4-36-4
Noel DeanAOttawa-Kent White5-27-2
Noel DeanAOttawa-Kent White6-18-2
Noel DeanAOttawa-Kent White5-27-2
Phil ChristensenBBOttawa-Kent White1-63-6
Phil ChristensenBBOttawa-Kent White4-26-3
Phil ChristensenBBOttawa-Kent White3-43-6
Phil ChristensenBBOttawa-Kent White3-44-5
Phil ChristensenBBOttawa-Kent White1-63-6
Phil ChristensenBBOttawa-Kent White4-34-5
Phil ChristensenBOttawa-Kent White4-36-3
Phil ChristensenBOttawa-Kent White4-35-4
Phil ChristensenBOttawa-Kent White6-18-1
Phil ChristensenBOttawa-Kent White3-45-4
Phil ChristensenBOttawa-Kent White5-27-2
Phil ChristensenBOttawa-Kent White4-36-3
Phil ChristensenBTri-River5-16-3
Phil ChristensenBTri-River3-33-6
Phil ChristensenBTri-River2-52-7
Phil ChristensenBTri-River5-26-3
Gary RiversBTri-River5-27-2
Gary RiversBTri-River4-35-4
Gary RiversBTri-River2-52-7
Al RoweBTri-River1-61-8
Al RoweBTri-River0-70-9
Al RoweBTri-River4-35-4
Al RoweBTri-River6-09-0
Al RoweBTri-River6-07-2
Al RoweBTri-River3-25-3-1
Al RoweBTri-River3-25-3-1
Al RoweBTri-River2-4-12-5-1
Jerry SmithBTri-River0-70-8
Charles PierceBTri-River1-41-7
Charles PierceBTri-River3-25-3
Charles PierceBTri-River2-33-5
Charles PierceBTri-River5-07-0-1
Charles PierceBTri-River4-15-3
Charles PierceBTri-River4-14-3-1
Charles PierceBTri-River3-24-4
Charles PierceBGrand Valley3-25-3
Charles PierceBGrand Valley4-15-3
Charles PierceBGrand Valley1-43-6
Jack "Bud" HoweBGrand Valley1-4-13-4-1
Jack "Bud" HoweBGrand Valley4-1-16-2-1
Bob PerryBGrand Valley0-5-10-7-1
Bob PerryBGrand Valley2-42-6
Carrol "Chris" BurchBGrand Valley3-34-4
Carrol "Chris" BurchBGrand Valley1-52-6
Carrol "Chris" BurchBGrand Valley4-26-2
Carrol "Chris" BurchBGrand Valley0-60-7-1
Carrol "Chris" BurchBGrand Valley5-17-1
Carrol "Chris" BurchBGrand Valley3-2-13-3-2
Carrol "Chris" BurchBGrand Valley1-51-7
Carrol "Chris" BurchBGrand Valley2-42-6
Carrol "Chris" BurchBGrand Valley5-15-3
Carrol "Chris" BurchBGrand Valley4-1-14-3-1
Carrol "Chris" BurchBGrand Valley3-2-14-3-1
Carrol "Chris" BurchBGrand Valley3-25-3
Carrol "Chris" BurchBGrand Valley2-34-4
Carrol "Chris" BurchBGrand Valley2-2-15-2-1
Carrol "Chris" BurchBGrand Valley3-16-2
Carrol "Chris" BurchBGrand Valley3-17-1
Carrol "Chris" BurchCGrand Valley5-07-0-1
Wendell EmeryCGrand Valley0-50-6-1
Ray AveryCGrand Valley1-42-6-1
Ray AveryCKent County Athletic Association1-2-12-4-2
Ron FinchCKent County Athletic Association3-0-16-1-1
Ron FinchCKent County Athletic Association5-08-0
Ron FinchCKent County Athletic Association5-010-0
Ron FinchCKent County Athletic Association4-010-0
Ron FinchCKent County Athletic Association3-16-2-1
Ron FinchCKent County Athletic Association3-1-15-3-1
Ron FinchCKent County Athletic Association2-0-34-2-3
Ron FinchCKent County Athletic Association3-05-3-2
William Spanenberg-Kent County Athletic Association1-21-8-1
Murrel "M.L." Bailey-Kent County Athletic Association3-15-5-1
W.E. "Bill" MillerBKent County Athletic Association3-010-0
Murrel "M.L." Bailey-Kent County Athletic Association2-13-3-4
Wesley Boyce-Kent County Athletic Association0-23-5
W.E. "Bill" Miller-Kent County Athletic Association2-08-0
Brown-Kent County Athletic Association2-22-6
S.C. Mitchell-Kent County Athletic Association3-16-1-1
S.C. Mitchell-Kent County Athletic Association0-01-3
Unknown-Kent County Athletic Association0-01-2
J.P. Thomas-None0-07-2