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Past Seasons

vs. Forest Hills Central Rangers
All-Time Series:22-13-0Current Streak:-
Home Record:12-6-0Longest Winning Streak:15
Away Record:10-7-0Longest Losing Streak:8
Neutral Site Record:0-0-0Largest Margin of Victory:42
Last 10 Games:8-2-0Largest Margin of Defeat:35
Total Points:831-617Average Score:23.74-17.63
Opponent History
Total Games Played: 35
October 18th, 2019Away
October 12th, 2018Home10-35L
October 6th, 2017Away6-35L
November 11th, 2016Home22-19W
October 7th, 2016Home41-37W
October 9th, 2015Away47-19W
October 24th, 2014Home41-21W
September 27th, 2013Away48-7W
September 28th, 2012Home42-24W
October 28th, 2011Home13-7W
September 16th, 2011Home35-6W
September 2nd, 2010Away42-0W
September 28th, 2007Home35-28W
October 6th, 2006Away52-13W
October 14th, 2005Home35-13W
October 4th, 2002Away35-6W
September 28th, 2001Home34-0W
October 6th, 2000Away21-7W
September 10th, 1999Home18-21L
September 18th, 1998Away28-14W
September 26th, 1997Home12-17L
October 4th, 1996Away14-27L
October 6th, 1995Home6-41L
October 14th, 1994Away12-32L
October 22nd, 1993Home7-15L
September 11th, 1992Away0-20L
September 27th, 1991Home9-40L
September 29th, 1990Away0-21L
October 6th, 1989Home39-29W
October 14th, 1988Away14-0W
October 23rd, 1987Home41-0W
September 12th, 1986Away8-17L
September 20th, 1985Home13-7W
September 28th, 1984Away18-6W
October 7th, 1966Away21-15W
October 8th, 1965Away12-18L

Data from the book Lowell High School Football compiled by Fred Lenger